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Version Date/Posted

Standing Orders Introduction

February 2014

Standing Orders

February 2014

Financial Regulations (revised June 2016)

Adopted June 2016

Recording and Filming Council and Committee Meetings Policy

Adopted 10 July 2014

Code of Conduct

February 2014

Complaints Procedure

February 2014

Grievance Procedure

February 2014

Grievance Handling

February 2014

Requests for Information and Charges (FOI Publication Scheme)

February 2014

Media Requests Policy

February 2014

Dispensation Policy

November 2015

Parish Council Risk Assessment

May 2016

Grants Policy and application form

August 2016

Financial Reserves Policy

June 2016

General Data Protection Regulation (report to the Parish Council)

27 April 2018

GDPR Privacy Notice

May 2018


Version Date/Posted

Notice of Date of Commencement of Period for Exercise of Public Rights (inspection etc), Annual Governance Statement 2017/2018, Internal Audit report and payments statement - click to view

20 June 2018

Notice of Audit and Right to Inspect Annual Return

30 September 2018

Finance and Audit (year ended 31 March 2018) Other Documents New