Parish Council   Derbyshire Local Information - Index Buses - details of local services to Derby (plus link to information on other services) Church - the Parish Church of All Saints Doctors - surgery details close to Risley Libraries - opening times for Sandiacre and Stapleford Libraries plus details of local mobile library times, routes and dates Police - local contact numbers - plus Neighbourhood Watch & Victim Support details Post Offices - nearest location and opening hours Pub - our local hostelry Schools and Pre-Schools - the local pre-schools and primary and secondary schools Waste and Recycling - details of refuse collection dates and other local waste and recycling facilities Is there anything else you’d like to see featured on this page? Please let us know Notice Boards - locations of Parish Council notice boards Playing Fields - locations of local\playing fields Public Telephone - where you can find a public phone box in Risley Village Hall - Risley Village Memorial Hall - contact for bookings Clubs and Organisations - sporting, scouts, WI Footpaths and bridleways - link to maps of local public paths An alphabetical index to information on local services, facilities and clubs etc Hospice - Tree Tops Hospice, with link to their web site Nursing Home - Woodhall Park Nursing Home (with link to more information) Member of Parliament - details of our local MP Local ‘Red Phone Box’ Information Point